Solid Wood Flooring

Our solid wood flooring is available in a wide variety of sizes and finishes. The most popular material is our Oak solid wood flooring, with the varnished top finish. The boards range in size from 90mm wide to 170mm wide , with an overall depth of 18mm – 21mm and the lengths are random or mixed. The varnished finish on our solid wood flooring is applied at the manufacturing stage and provides a hard wearing durable finish to keep the solid wood flooring looking good for years to come.

Solid Wood Flooring-Construction.
Solid wood planks are cut out as a solid block right from the tree. The wood blocks are then sawn into solid wood flooring planks with tongue and groove edges. The planks are then either pre-finished at the factory or placed into unfinished bundles of varying lengths.

Fitting solid wood flooring.

The solid wood flooring should be left to aclimatise in the room that it is being fitted ideally for 7 days before installation. Do not open the packs prior to installation.

The cement or wood subfloor must be level ( to within 5mm over a 3m span) and clean, dry and secure.

The subfloor moisture levels should be tested and cement subfloors must not be over 3%.

Always use builders polythene or a suitable moisture barrier over cement subfloors.

Solid wood flooring must be fixed to the subfloor using a nail down installation or glue down installation.

Solid wood flooring is not recommended for use with underfloor heating.

Solid wood flooring-Products.

American Oak, Acacia walnut, American Walnut,  Canadian Maple, Canadian Red Oak, Canadian Cherry, Woodblock Oak, Woodblock Merbeau.

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