Wood flooring maintenance

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Cleaning pre-finished floors.

Use a dry mop or vacuum cleaner once or twice a week to eliminate solid particles which may scratch your flooring. Never use a wet mop to clean timber flooring. Cleaning should be completed with minimal use of moisture, a well wrung out mop or cloth may be used, the timber should then be towel dried immediately. Clean up any water or liquid spills immediately using a dry cloth. Never use wax, aggresive detergants or products containing amonia or silicones on your polyurethane pre-varnished floor.

Maintaining oiled floors.

If you have chosen an oiled timber floor you have made an environmentally friendly choice. Oiled timber floors have an extremely natural appearance. Your oiled timber floor has to be maintained in an appropriate way, by means of cleaning with trip trap soap, typically every 2-3 years in private homes you will have to re-oil your timber floor. This requires you to give your oiled timber floor a special cleaning with trip trap soap or woca intensive cleaner which removes dirt and stains very effectively. after 24 hours your timber floor will then need a coat of trip trap oil or Woca maintenance oil. General cleaning can be continued with trip trap soap or Woca natural soap Any marks or scratches can be easily repaired by using a cloth and some Trip trap oil or Woca maintenance oil.

Protecting your floor.

To preserve the quality and beauty of your timber floor we recommend you use protective pads and castor cups under chairs and furniture legs. If there is a door leading outside from the room where the timber flooring is installed use a door mat to absorb the dirt and humidity. Never use a rubber mat, with styrofoam or plastic backing. If you must move heavy pieces of furniture  never slide them directly over the flooring , instead, place a piece of carpet face down between the furniture legs and the timber flooring and pull on the carpet to move the furniture.