Engineered Wood Flooring

Carpet and flooring concepts, Dun Laoghaire, County Dublin stock a superb range of engineered wood flooring. We have various styles and finishes in engineered wood flooring with something to suit all projects.

Engineered wood flooring wear layers .

The wear layer or surface layer of real wood on our engineered wood flooring varies from 3mm to 6mm in depth, this is then adhered to multiple layers of birch or plywood to give an overall depth of 14mm – 22mm giving our engineered wood flooring the strength and durability it is renowned for.

Engineered wood flooring, board designs and sizes.

Carpets and flooring concepts stock a multitude of engineered wood flooring. A popular choice is the parquet or 3 strip design, each board has an overall width of approx 180mm-190mm and length of 1800mm-2200mm,  with the design comprising of 3 pieces of wood per board on the width, which is adhered to the backing board in short lengths to create a parquet blockwood design.

Another popular engineered wood floor is the single plank design, each board is made up of a single piece of wood adhered to multiple backing layers for stability, available in varying widths from approx 127mm – 180mm and mixed lengths.

Our Heritage range of engineered wood flooring is presented with a superb 6mm wear layer, all boards are extra wide 180mm – 220mm, and extra long 1800mm – 2200mm.  Heritage engineered flooring is one of the best engineered floors available, with a wonderful choice of timber finishes.

Engineered wood flooring surface finishes.

Engineered wood flooring is delivered pre-finished from the manufacturers, which means once fitted it is ready for immediate use. The most popular surface is a lacquered finish, comprising of multiple layers of protective lacquer applied to the wood and dried to create a hard protective layer with a slight gloss finish.

Our brushed and lacquered finished engineered wood flooring comprises of the same multiple layers of protective lacquer or varnish, however this is then brushed into the wood to bring out the grain and texture of the wood.

Another popular engineered wood floor surface is the oiled finish, the oil is applied to the engineered wood surface and penetrates deep into it, protecting the wood and giving a smooth matt finish on the surface. We recommend that maintenance oil is re applied once a year to keep the engineered wood flooring protected.

Engineered wood flooring, wood finishes.

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