Tufted carpets

Tufted carpets account for a large percentage of flooring sales in Ireland today, a good quality tufted carpet will give excellent service over many years.

Twist pile

Twist pile carpet is usually constructed using 80% wool  / 20% Nylon/ mixed fibres,or alternatively 100% polypropylene yarn. A low sheared dense pile suitable for all domestic and commercial locations. Twist pile carpet is generally available in 3 different qualities or pile weights. 1. 32oz pile weight is rated heavy domestic use. 2. 40 oz pile weight is rated heavy domestic/ medium commercial use. 3. 50-60 oz pile weight is rated extra heavy domestic/ heavy commercial use.

Quality Twist pile carpet manufacturers include:  Adam Carpets, Tomkinson Carpets, Navan Carpets, Penthouse Carpets, Cormar Carpets.

Velvet Pile

Velvet pile carpets are a deeper pile product manufactured using 80% wool/ 20% Nylon/Mixed Fibres or in some cases 100% wool. A velvet pile carpet is tufted with luxury in mind, with a longer pile and a softer feel underfoot.

Quality Velvet pile carpet manufacturers include: Bronte Carpets, Westex Carpets, Navan carpets, Nourison Carpets.

Loop Pile

Loop pile carpets are almost always manufactured using 100 % wool yarns, as the name suggests the yarn is looped through the primary backing giving a textured surface pile. Loop pile carpets tend to be produced in neutral, cream and beige colour tones adding a contemporary style to any living space.

Quality Loop Pile Carpet manufacturers include: Navan Carpets, Westexx Carpets, Brockway carpets, Le Tisserand.