Custom Made Carpets

We offer a fully bespoke custom made carpet service. Our 100% wool velvet carpet is available in pile weights from 45 ounces to over 100 ounces per square yard. These luxury carpets can be custom dyed to any colour, enabling our discerning clients to create an exact colour match to fabrics, leather, or wallpapers.

Our custom carpet range is also available in any width, meaning no joins required, creating a seamless, luxurious one off masterpiece. Our custom carpets are ONE OFF pieces, not one of many.

Our custom carpet range is available with stunning intricate borders, which again may be custom designed by our clients. We can create anything from a simple, elegant, line border to intricate lace and floral designs. Have you ever wanted to continue a wallpaper or carved fireplace design into your carpet to create a true ONE OFF piece? Well now you can with our custom carpet range we can replicate these designs.

Looking for a ONE OFF custom rug to add the finishing touch to a designer room? You can have one made from our custom carpet range. We can make a rug to any size, using any colour in luxurious 100% wool velvet, again if desired we can add a ONE OFF border design to the piece.