10% Off Westex Carpets.

Westex Carpets mainly manufactured in 80% pure new wool or in some cases 100% pure new wool for colour clarity and yarn strength for maximum durability in all areas of your home.

Ten benefits of selecting Westex carpets for your home.

1. Options- You have endless colour choices and Westex will also produce special dyes if requested * terms and conditions apply*

2. Westex carpet are stain resistant to keep them looking clean and fresh.

3. Westex carpets are mothproof to protect your investment.

5. Westex carpets are treated to prevent dustmites making them suitable for allergy sensitive people.

6. Westex carpets are available in 5 different widths to minimise waste.

7. Westex carpets produce stock in depth making delivery fast and efficient.

8. Westex carpets produce many different style options, from hard wearing twists, luxury deep pile velvets and saxonys to textured natural loop carpets.

9. Westex carpets contain Actiguard for ultimate freshness and protection.

10. Customers of Carpet and flooring concepts can avail of 10% off all Westex carpets through March 2019.


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